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Venture Decentralized Autonomous Organization.


AngelDAO is a Venture Decentralized Autonomous Organization supporting a wide variety of projects with funding, software development, network participation and community building. Our team is native in the blockchain space, with experience in token model creation, Web3 software development, DeFi, UI/UX development and design, marketing, and community organization.

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Babylon Finance Community owned and community managed funds. N/A Initial investment
Clover Finance (CloverProject) Foundational layer for cross-chain compatibility. N/A Initial investment
Fuji DAO On-chain borrowing aggregator. N/A Initial investment
Liquity Decentralized borrowing protocol that offers interest-free liquidity against ETH as collateral. Series A Initial investment
Superfluid Finance Ltd Programmable cashflows. N/A Initial investment
YOLOrekt Social and fun way to bid on the future price of crypto. N/A Initial investment