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Gewestelijke Investeringsmaatschappij voor Vlaanderen
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Profile Country Date Funding
Ambit Biosciences Inc A biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and development of small molecule kinase inhibitors for the treatment of cancer. Series D
Ceres Inc Plant genomics biotechnology company N/A
ChemoCentryx Inc N/A
Ebuzzing SA Leading global platform for social video advertising. N/A USD 14,500,000 (USD 14,500,000)
Interwise Inc N/A
Nereus Pharmaceuticals Inc Series D
Nereus Pharmaceuticals Inc N/A
Nereus Pharmaceuticals Inc Series A
Neurotech Pharmaceuticals Inc (Neurotech Inc) Cell-based drugs for diseases of the eye. N/A
Plexxikon Inc N/A
Proficient Systems Inc Enterprise software company. N/A
Prosensa N/A
Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG Small molecule therapeutics for neuromuscular and metabolic diseases. IPO in November 2006. N/A
Ubidyne Inc Developer of an antenna embedded digital radio tech. Series B
Xanthus Pharmaceuticals Inc N/A
CoreOptics GmbH N/A
Coreoptics Inc Venture
General Fusion Inc General Fusion is developing fusion technology to generate affordable, safe and plentiful energy. Series E
GOVECS Venture Led the round.
McPhy Venture
PowerInbox Inc E-mail based, personalized content recommendation platform that increases reader engagement while providing incremental revenue for e-mail publishers. Series A Initial investment
Seedcamp Investments LLP Early stage mentoring and investment programme for European startups. N/A

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