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The venture arm of Rocket Internet.

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Profile Country Date Funding
Brex Inc Corporate credit card company focused on startups. Series B
Centaur Labs N/A
Digital Genius Ltd Artificial Intelligence (AI) for customer service. Series A
FreightHub GmbH Seed led the round
FreightHub GmbH Series A Follow-on investment
FreightHub GmbH Series B
Future Family N/A
Grubmarket Inc Series B
HomeTouch Venture
inCountry Data residency-as-a-service platform. Seed
Iwoca Ltd Series A
Iwoca Ltd Series C
Nested Seed
Nested Series A Follow-on investment led the round
Nextday Property Ltd (Nested) Seed
Nextday Property Ltd (Nested) Series A
Nextday Property Ltd (Nested) Series B led the round
Oh Goodlord Ltd (Goodlord) Seed
Oh Goodlord Ltd (Goodlord) Series A led the round
Oh Goodlord Ltd (Goodlord) Series B

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[node:title] photo Fabricio Pettena
[node:title] photo Marc Samwer
[node:title] photo Oliver Samwer