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ASep Healthcare Ltd Tournistrip is its award winning single-use disposable tourniquet and represents a simple and eloquent innovation for a medical tourniquet. N/A
Cardiovascular Imaging Solutions Ltd Creates software for the visualisation and analysis of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance images. N/A
Cell Medica Ltd A cell therapy company working on new techniques to cure human diseases. N/A
Ceres Power Ltd N/A
Circassia Holdings Ltd A specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing world-class immunotherapies. N/A
deltaDOT Ltd A life science company that is developing and commercialising innovative technologies for the separation and analysis of biomolecules. N/A
DUVAS Technologies Ltd Air quality management. N/A
Dynamic Boosting Systems Ltd Designs, engineers, and supplies air and gas- handling equipment, and associated motors and drives. N/A
EMcision Ltd A medical device company that uses established technologies in innovative ways to produce and market medical devices. N/A
Epigeum Ltd Publishes high quality online training courses used by academic institutions around the world. N/A
Equinox Pharma Ltd A computationally-driven drug discovery company. N/A
Evince Technology Ltd Has created a new class of diamond electronic device that will revolutionise the control of electrical power. N/A
Evo Electric Ltd Develops and manufactures advanced electric machines, hybrid drive trains and generator sets. N/A
Ionscope Ltd Develops, manufactures and sells systems for scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM), a new SPM technique. N/A
IR Pharma Ltd Respiratory Pharmacology pre-clinical drug discovery to the biopharma and pharma industries. N/A
IXICO Ltd A leading medical imaging company that provides imaging biomarkers for clinical trials, research studies and diagnostics. N/A
Jointanalysis Ltd An orthopaedic imaging company specialising in the 3D analysis of human joints and human joint replacements. N/A
Lontra Ltd A UK based Cleantech start-up developing energy saving compressors and engines. N/A
Medermica Ltd A technology development company, focused on diagnostic and sensor technologies for laboratory and healthcare applications. N/A
Membrane Extraction Technology Ltd (MET) A specialist separation process development business which develops cost-saving applications. N/A

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