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Aelf Decentralized cloud computing blockchain network. N/A
Airbloc Protocol Airbloc redefines how data is collected, monetized and utilize via enterprise and application oriented features. N/A
Bgogo Crypotcurrency exchange with asset listings dictated by its own community of token holders. N/A
Blockcloud Blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP architecture. N/A
Carbon Grid Protocol N/A
Carry Protocol Empowering consumers with control over data. N/A
Celer Layer-2 scaling platform that brings fast, secure and low-cost blockchain applications on Ethereum, Polkadot and other blockchains to mass adoption. N/A
Certik Formal verification platform for blockchain ecosystems. N/A
Contents Protocol N/A
Cosmochain N/A
DxChain N/A
Eximchain N/A
FANTOM Foundation N/A
Fysical N/A
Hadron (Hadron Coud) Marketplace platform for human and machine-powered enterprise tasks. N/A
KayDex Pte Ltd (Kyber Network), (KDPL) Decentralised cryptocurrency exchange. N/A
Libra Credit N/A
Medilot N/A
Multivac High-throughput flexible blockchain platform based on trusted sharding computation. N/A
Oasis Labs High performance distributed computation platform. N/A

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