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KANDO id: 1012571

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Payment processing system that allows sellers to process payments using smart devices.

Funding rounds

N/A EUR 285,000,000

USD 307,000,000 ( )

Profile Country Notes
Sixth Street Growth Initial investment. Led the round.
Bain Capital Tech Opportunities Follow-on investment.
Fin Capital Partners LP Follow-on investment.
Liquidity Group Follow-on investment.

Debt EUR 330,000,000

( )

Profile Country Notes
Bain Capital Credit Initial investment. Led the round.
Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing Initial investment. Led the round.
HPS Investment Partners LLC Initial investment.
TPG Sixth Street Partners (TSSP) Initial investment.

Profile Country Notes
Tengelmann Ventures Management GmbH (TEV) Initial investment.

Investment activity status
Active investor


Employee Position
Stefan Jeschonnek (founder)
Hermione McKee

Former team members

Employee Company Position
Jan Deepen (founder) Discovery Ventures Management GmbH
Jan Deepen (founder) Zeitgold

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