KANDO id: 563316

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Singapore-based blockchain company that makes cryptocurrencies instantly spendable anytime anywhere.

Funding rounds

Initial Coin Offering USD 64,000,000

USD 64,000,000 ( )

Profile Country
Alexis Berthoud Individual investor.
Chain Capital
Connor Benoit-Milner Individual investor.
Hyperchain Capital Digital assets management company focused on Blockchain based projects and decentralized protocols.
Kenetic Capital
Signum Capital

Venture USD 44,000,000

USD 44,000,000 ( )

Profile Country
Chain Capital

Seed USD 1,000,000

USD 1,000,000 ( ) at USD 10,000,000 pre-money valuation

Profile Country
Andreas von Arx Individual investor.
Dennis Jacobs Individual investor.
Fenbushi Capital China-based venture capital firm that exclusively invests in Blockchain-enabled companies.
FF Estate AG
John Rost Individual investor.
Mustedanagic & Plott Brothers GbR

Investment activity status
Active investor

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