For Investors

Everyone knows that “data is the new oil and AI is the new gold”. There are currently over 100 VCs that work on proprietary, internal, data-driven, AI and/or Machine Learning solutions. The same is also true for every major corporation in the world. This trend is similar to the early days of PCs, when every company developed in-house accounting software, causing siloed data and no interoperability.

One solution we see that assures common standards, interoperability and control over data is the Unbundling of Platforms:

Companies need full control over their own data: the way it’s stored, accessed and shared with others.

B2B Platforms need to become assisted decision-making products. They have to act as a lightweight client that contains an index of participants, their data and AI/ML algorithms.

Enterprise platforms have to become highly customizable environments with toolkits that allow companies to build their own, bespoke decision-making products using available widgets and APIs.

Kando offers Angels, VCs and CVCs a highly customizable
Investors’ AI Platform
that includes:

1. A portable, infrastructure agnostic environment to securely store and manage your business data, development processes, applications and AI/ML tools and pipelines.
2. API access to our database of companies, startups, founders, founding rounds and LPs.
3. Customized business intelligence and analytics dashboards.
4. Integration and API development – connecting and integrating any accessible data source, both external and internal, to the AI PaaS.
5. AI/ML pipelines and model design, development and training, including prediction models (matching, success predictions) and computer vision (document parsing, understanding sentiment of documents/ tweets).

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