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Media, events, indices and data company for the global crypto economy.


CoinDesk is the most trusted media, events, indices and data company for the global crypto economy. Since 2013, CoinDesk Media has led the story of the future of money and investing, illuminating the transformation in society and culture that comes with it. Our award-winning team of journalists delivers news and unparalleled insights that bring transparency, comprehension and context. CoinDesk Events gathers the global crypto, blockchain and Web3 communities at annual events such as Consensus, the world’s largest and longest-running crypto festival. CoinDesk Indices offers expertise in digital asset indices, data and research to educate and empower investors

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Bullish Exchange Cryptocurrency exchange. Initial investment. Led the round.


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Digital Currency Group Inc (DCG) Investment company focused on bitcoin and blockchain tech businesses. Initial investment. Led the round.

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Lawnmower Blockchain data and research platform. Acquisition Initial investment

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