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Composable DeFi yield optimizer built on Ethereum and Polkadot.


ETHA Lend is a composable DeFi yield optimizer built on Ethereum and Polkadot. The protocol interacts with multiple DeFi ecosystems to expose liquidity provider to optimal yieldutilizing the protocols algorithm.

Funding rounds

Seed USD 1,600,000

USD 1,600,000 ( )
"Initial Funding Round".

Profile Country Notes
AU21 Capital (Min Kim) Blockchain focused venture capital fund. Initial investment. Led the round.
Digital Finance Group (DFG) (James Wo) Diversified business group that focuses on blockchain and digital assets. Initial investment. Led the round.
Privcode Capital (MXC Exchange) Initial investment. Led the round.
AC Capital Investment firm focusing on the blockchain and finance market. Initial investment.
Candaq Fintech Group (Candaq Capital), (CFG) Startup incubator focused on fintech, blockchain, big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things and new energies. Initial investment.
Chain Capital Digital fund focusing on the investment of blockchain head project and the management of professional digital assets. Initial investment.
Dealean Capital Initial investment.
Hotbit Cryptocurrency exchange. Initial investment.
Inclusion Capital Crypto hedge fund focused to incubate and invest in growing crypto and blockchain startups. Initial investment.
Lancer Capital (Lancer Venture) Initial investment.
Oasis Capital Partners LLC Initial investment.
Origin Capital Initial investment.
PNYX Ventures Early stage venture capital fund focused on the Web3 future. Initial investment.
TRGC Digital Asset Fund Initial investment.
Vector Capital Initial investment.
YBB Foundation Ltd Venture capital firm with a focus on blockchain projects. Initial investment.
ZB Capital Initial investment.

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Active investor


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Chester Bella (founder)
Danny Boahen (founder)
Felipe Gomez

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