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All-chain NFT oracle with a Google-like search query.

Current team


List of the current and past investors into Quoth with their respective financial instruments.

Profile Country Phone Price Round
ARKN Ventures $ 0.3000 Seed
AU21 Capital Blockchain focused venture capital fund. United States $ 0.3000 Seed
Exnetwork Capital Investment firm focused on funding the innovation in the decentralization movement. Philippines $ 0.3000 Seed
Follow The Seed United States $ 0.3000 Seed
HG Ventures Inc (한강벤처스), (Das Kapital) South Korea $ 0.3000 Seed
IBC Group +61-386-092-210 $ 0.3000 Seed
Kairon Labs BV Market maker providing algorithmic trading services for cryptocurrencies, utility tokens and stablecoins. Belgium $ 0.3000 Seed
Krypital Group $ 0.3000 Seed
LD Capital Crypto fund in investment and trading in primary and secondary markets, whose sub-funds include dedicated eco fund, FoF and hedge fund. Singapore $ 0.3000 Seed
LedgerLink Labs $ 0.3000 Seed
NGC Ventures Venture capital firm focused on investing in blockchain industry. Singapore $ 0.3000 Seed
Oxbull $ 0.3000 Seed
Panda Capital Research and community driven venture capital firm focusing on investments in infrastructure, middleware, DeFi and other Web 3.0 applications. China $ 0.3000 Seed
Red Kite $ 0.3000 Seed
Shima Capital Global investment fund focused on supporting cutting edge blockchain startups. United States $ 0.3000 Seed