Kando is on a mission to accelerate the B2B platform unbundling and decentralization process. Our goal is to create a more efficient, global business environment that facilities innovation and provides unbiased access to opportunities for everyone.

We do it by developing products, solutions and protocols for the B2B ecosystem, starting with solutions for a better understanding of investment data, fundraising and B2B sales discovery.

We’re leveraging exponential technologies like AI/ML and blockchain combined with applied network economics.

For Investors

Everyone knows that “data is the new oil and AI is the new gold”. There are currently over 100 VCs that work on proprietary, internal, data-driven, AI and/or Machine Learning solutions. The same is also true for every major corporation in the world. This trend is similar to the early days of PCs, when every company developed in-house accounting software, causing siloed data and no interoperability.

One solution we see that assures common standards, interoperability and control over data is the Unbundling of Platforms:

Companies need full control over their own data: the way it’s stored, accessed and shared with others.

B2B Platforms need to become assisted decision-making products. They have to act as a lightweight client that contains an index of participants, their data and AI/ML algorithms.

Enterprise platforms have to become highly customizable environments with toolkits that allow companies to build their own, bespoke decision-making products using available widgets and APIs.

Kando offers Angels, VCs and CVCs a highly customizable
Investors’ AI Platform
that includes:

1. A portable, infrastructure agnostic environment to securely store and manage your business data, development processes, applications and AI/ML tools and pipelines.
2. API access to our database of companies, startups, founders, founding rounds and LPs.
3. Customized business intelligence and analytics dashboards.
4. Integration and API development – connecting and integrating any accessible data source, both external and internal, to the AI PaaS.
5. AI/ML pipelines and model design, development and training, including prediction models (matching, success predictions) and computer vision (document parsing, understanding sentiment of documents/ tweets).

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For Startups

60 Percent of a startups’ time is spent on fundraising during their first three years.

Businesses need quality leads and the tools to grow.

KANDO is the intelligent platform that finds the right investors, clients and talent for you. It:

Saves money by reducing time spent on fundraising and lead discovery, and increasing time spent on developing the product.

Makes money through finding new customers by learning from successful sales.

Builds Persistent Reputation, based on data from real interactions rather than word of mouth or subjective ratings.

Our first product, VCfund.me finds the right investors for you and is currently live, in closed beta.


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Kando founders

Max Atanassov, CEO, @AtanMax; Experienced investment banker and VC portfolio manager. CEO of unicorn tech startup.

Moe Sayadi, CTO, @momosayadi; AI and ML world class expert. Founder and developer of successful AI and blockchain projects.

Delia Sabau, CFO / BizDev; Successful Hedge Fund manager. Respected advisor to incubators and startups.

Michal Bacia, COO, @realMichalBacia; Expert network economist and market platforms designer. Blockchain and AI expert.

We have been admitted to Berkeley Skydeck

and mentioned in Forbes [The VC Tech Stack]


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