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Research potential investment targets. Use our AI-assisted investor search to find your next investor.

how it works

We want to make startup fundraising easier and more accessible.

To see how our algorithms can find investors for your business, please do the following steps:

  1. Create an account or login.
  2. Find your company or create it if it is not in our database.
  3. Describe your company in as much detail as possible and add the relevant details (e.g. location, industry, any descriptive tags, as well as team and previous funding rounds).
  4. Click on the “Find investors for this company” button under the company logo.

Within a minute or two, our AI will generate a pre-populated CRM with the investors most likely invest in your company (with the contacts there ranked by degree of potential interest and social graph proximity, based on the information that was provided). The more detailed the descriptors, the more relevant the matches.

From time to time the system will generate new recommendations based on your experience and the experience of others. You can generate more recommendations by clicking on "More leads" at the top of the "Lead" column, or alternatively, manually add an investor through the "Add to" button at the investor's profile in the database.

You can see your active fundraising projects here.

Co-workers can be added to a project in "Configure this project > Permissions"

We are still adding features and finalising the design, so will be delighted to get any feedback from you.

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