Accelerant Holdings LP
United Kingdom

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KANDO id: 14396041

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Accelerant Holdings LP
Also known as
Accelerant Insurance

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Data-driven risk exchange connecting specialty underwriters with risk capital.


Accelerant is a data-driven, technology-fueled insurance platform that empowers underwriters to more effectively serve their insureds. We're using advanced data intelligence tools to rebuild the way that underwriters share and exchange risk. With a current focus on the small and medium-sized businesses that power our global economy and their niche insurance needs, we align incentives to improve outcomes for everyone. Our full-service risk exchange supports our carefully selected, best-in-class network of underwriting teams. We leverage granular information on each policy to deliver unprecedented insight into insurance pools, and our specialty portfolio is fully diversified with very low catastrophe, aggregation, or systemic risk. We're proud to have been awarded an AM Best A- (Excellent) rating.

Funding rounds

Series B USD 150,000,000

USD 150,000,000 ( ) at USD 2,400,000,000 pre-money valuation

Profile Country Notes
Barings LLC Initial investment. Led the round.

Series A USD 190,000,000

USD 190,000,000 ( ) at USD 2,000,000,000 pre-money valuation
Capital to continue to rebuild the way that underwriters share and exchange risk to improve outcomes for program managers, primary issuing carriers, and ultimate risk-bearers.

Profile Country Notes
Eldridge Industries LLC Initial investment. Led the round.
Altamont Capital Partners Initial investment.
Deer Park Road Initial investment.
Marshall Wace Asset Management Initial investment.
MS&AD Ventures Inc Early stage venture firm looking broadly at technology companies in Fintech, InsurTech, AI, IOT, Big Data and Cybersecurity. Initial investment.

Investment activity status
Active investor


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Christopher Lee-Smith (founder)
Jeff Radke (founder)

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