Beacon Capital LLC
45 Rockefeller Plaza
Suite 2000
New York, NY 10111
United States

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Beacon Capital LLC
2000 PGA Blvd
Suite 4440
Palm Beach, FL 33408
United States

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KANDO id: 1000831

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Beacon Capital LLC

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Multi-family office focused on socially responsible investments.

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We strongly believe impact means outsized returns. Many families are focused on social impact, knowing that the best way to perpetuate wealth is by enhancing the lives of others. Beacon Capital understands that impact investing, has the dual benefit of wealth preservation and it promotes positive social and/or environmental initiatives. Families who are focused on social impact, reward the next generations with the gift of enhancing the lives of everyone on the planet. A true legacy.

We choose to focus on exciting industries with great impact prospects:

(1) Life Sciences, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing:
Promising research, and therapeutics transforming the way we treat and cure illness. Our social impact model was designed to transform and accelerate pharmaceutical discovery, development, and manufacturing aiming to stay in tune with the pulse of novel drug development and personalized therapies.

(2) Real Estate:
Building homes, hospitals, schools to educate future generations, providing green energy, potable water resources, building State-of-the-Arts communities for innovation and scientific discovery.

(3) Natural Resources:
Improving water pollution, decreasing mining waste and introducing green energy to third world countries as a sustainable solution.

(4) Technology:
Technology holds the key to improving lives all over the planet through initiatives in education, AI, and mobile apps.

(5) Banking & Insurance:
Micro-Financing of SMEs and banking solutions for lower income demographics

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