CapMan Capital Management Oy
32 Korkeavuorenkatu
130 Helsinki

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KANDO id: 28257

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A wholly owned subsidiary of CapMan Oyj, which is the management company for CapMan's private equity funds

Funds managed

Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital
CapMan Nordic Real Estate Real estate 2013 EUR 125,000,000
CapMan Buyout IX Fund A LP Buyout 2009 EUR 289,600,000
CapMan Fund Investments SICAV SIF Fund-of-funds 2009
CapMan Hotels Real Estate Ky Real estate 2008 EUR 950,000,000
CapMan Russia Fund LP 2008 EUR 118,100,000
CapMan Public Market Fund FCP-SIF 2008 EUR 138,000,000
CapMan Buyout IX Buyout 2008 EUR 450,000,000
CapMan Technology 2007 Venture 2007 EUR 142,300,000
CapMan Technology Fund 2007 LP Venture 2007 EUR 93,700,000
CapMan Technology Fund 2007 B KB Venture 2007 EUR 45,000,000
CapMan Life Science IV Fund LP Venture 2006 EUR 54,100,000
CapMan Real Estate II Ky Real estate 2006 EUR 600,000,000
CapMan Buyout VIII Buyout 2005 EUR 440,000,000
CapMan Buyout VIII Fund A LP Buyout 2005 EUR 360,000,000
CapMan Real Estate I Ky Real estate 2005 EUR 500,000,000
CapMan Buyout VIII Fund B KB Buyout 2005 EUR 80,000,000
CapMan Mezzanine IV LP Mezzanine 2004 EUR 240,000,000
Yewtree Venture 2003 EUR 3,900,000
CapMan Equity Sweden KB 2002 EUR 67,000,000
CapMan Equity VII 2002 EUR 303,000,000

Funding rounds

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CapMan Oyj Finland based private equity find management company which makes both direct and fund of funds investments

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Profile Country Funding
Access Capital Partners Ltd A leading independent European fund of funds manager N/A
Access Capital Partners SA Private equity fund of funds manager N/A
EastMan Advisors Oy N/A
Finnmezzanine Oy N/A