Cyndx Holdings LLC
New York, NY
United States

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KANDO id: 1022066

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Cyndx Holdings LLC
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Financial technology company helping people discover business opportunities.


Founded in 2013, CyndX is a financial technology company reimagining how people discover business opportunities. The collaborative result of seasoned investment bankers, data scientists, product teams, and M&A specialists, CyndX provides secure cloud-based solutions to help companies and financial institutions obtain comprehensive, algorithmically-curated investor information and strategic recommendations to enhance their capital raising and M&A efforts. CyndX is powered by AI, deep learning and NLP-driven algorithms that enable companies, advisors and investors to see relationships and emerging investment opportunities. CyndX offers three subscription options specific to the end user including: (i) CyndX Finder, which identifies the most relevant companies within a target area of interest and offers advanced insights into a company's positioning, operations and growth potential; (ii) CyndX Owner, which streamlines capitalization table management, allowing companies to keep track of any share transferring, repurchasing or cancelling, as well as analyze hypothetical financing rounds; and (iii) CyndX Raiser, which analyzes data from millions of funding rounds to curate a bespoke list of the most relevant investors for your deal. 

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Rakuten Capital The corporate venture capital arm of Rakuten.

Venture USD 10,000,000

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Venture USD 500,000

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