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KANDO id: 7011157

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FlexPay, Inc.
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Payment authorization management solution, helping subscription businesses recover failed payments.


Payment authorization management solution, helping subscription businesses accelerate revenue and profit growth by recovering failed payments, which is the single largest cause of customer churn.

FlexPay is the leading global payments and technology company delivering a machine learning and AI-powered solution to identify and solve false credit card declines, a global problem preventing hundreds of millions of dollars in legitimate transactions between merchants and customers annually. The platform is trained on billions of transactions, enabling performance that is unmatched in the payments industry. The company is committed to creating more efficiency, trust, and transparency in payments processing, helping merchants and their customers settle more legitimate transactions.

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N/A CAD 6,000,000

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Profile Country Notes
Impression Ventures Initial investment. Led the round.
Anges Quebec (Anges Québec) Initial investment.
BMO Capital Corp Initial investment.

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