Midven Ltd
39-41 Waterloo Street
Cavendish House PO Box 66
B2 5PP
United Kingdom

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Midven Limited
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Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital
Exceed - Midlands Advantage Fund Venture 2010 GBP 18,000,000
Early Advantage LP Venture 2009 GBP 8,000,000
Advantage Early Growth Fund LP Venture 2003 GBP 17,500,000
The Rainbow Seed Fund Venture 2002 GBP 10,000,000
HSBC Enterprise Fund Venture 1997 GBP 6,500,000

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Profile Country Date Funding
Clinical Psychology Associates Ltd (CPA Ltd) Provides a diverse range of expert psychology services that are all underpinned by the latest evidence-based approaches. N/A GBP 250,000
Confluence Management Ltd N/A
Connexica Ltd Provides a fundamentally different approach to information retrieval and management reporting. N/A GBP 250,000
Crescendo Biologics Ltd Exploits its class-leading next generation antibody platform to create differentiated medicines developed to Phase I/II. N/A
Cytox Ltd A UK-based neuroscience company developing products and services for neurodegenerative disorders. N/A
Diamonds Software Ltd Develops pre packaged, industry specific Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions, with their initial target being the construction industry. N/A
Everyclick Ltd A platform technology company that has created a number of ways for payments to be made to all 200,000 UK charities. N/A
Fertility Focus Ltd Addresses the problem of infertility. N/A
Gekko Technology Ltd Design and manufacture LED lighting products for the film, television, photographic and entertainment industries. N/A
Gemba Solutions Ltd The acknowledged specialist in delivering innovative production management solutions. N/A
i-Solutions Global Ltd Provides business execution software solutions to global organizations in public and private sectors. N/A
Igloo Vision Ltd A provider of immersive 360-degree digital projection environments using graphics, live feed, video or animated audio visuals. N/A GBP 255,000
Inscentinel Ltd A biotechnology company specialising in harnessing the olfactory ability of insects for trace vapour detection. N/A
Ionic Polymer Solutions Ltd Manufactures ionic liquids and membranes. N/A
L3 Technology Ltd (L3T) A privately held UK company which has developed and patented technologies for use in microfluidic applications. N/A
Lontra Ltd A UK based Cleantech start-up developing energy saving compressors and engines. N/A
LumeJet Ltd A leading light in the world of photonic imaging and is revolutionising the industry. N/A
MDA Orbital Optics Ltd Enables the commercial sale of RAL’s leading range of low cost space optical cameras. N/A
Microbial Solutions Ltd Offers a technology that can provide on-site treatment and disposal of MWFs. N/A
Microvisk Ltd N/A
Midland Industrial Glass Ltd One of the largest specialist glass processors in Europe. N/A
Netmania IT Ltd Provider of software that enables telecommunications businesses to manage customer devices remotely N/A
Novacta Biosystems Ltd N/A
Novel Polymer Solutions Ltd Adhesion promoters for applications such as flooring and military fabrics. N/A
Orthogem Ltd Biomaterials company which has developed a new generation of synthetic bone graft substitute N/A

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John O'Neill Graphite Capital Management LLP

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