NextView Ventures
Boston, MA
United States

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KANDO id: 278643

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Next View Ventures
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Seed-stage venture capital firm focused on internet-enabled startups.

Funds managed

Fund Type Vintage Currency Committed capital
NextView Ventures IV Venture 2021 USD 100,000,000
Nextview Ventures III LP Venture 2016 USD 50,000,000
Nextview Ventures II LP Venture 2014 USD 40,000,000
Nextview Ventures LP Venture 2012 USD 21,000,000

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Profile Country Date Funding
BabbaCo Inc N/A Initial investment
BookBub Online marketplace for selling e-books. Series A led the round David Beisel
BookBub Online marketplace for selling e-books. Series B
Boundless Learning Inc Provider of free online college textbooks Series A Initial investment
Cardash B2B Marketplace Seed Initial investment
Cloze Inc N/A Initial investment
Crunched N/A Initial investment
CustomMade Ventures Corp (CustomMade), ( E-commerce company that operates the first online marketplace, for hiring makers to create exactly what you want. N/A Initial investment
Directr Films Home movies made like a professional. N/A Initial investment
Farmeron Inc N/A Initial investment
GrabCAD Ltd Services marketplace that connects manufacturing and product development companies with CAD engineers around the world. N/A Initial investment
HiiDef Inc N/A Initial investment
InsightSquared Inc A small and midsize (SMB) business/data intelligence SaaS company. N/A Initial investment
Jumppost Inc (Hyperpublic ) N/A Initial investment
Mojo Motors Inc Used car buying website. N/A Initial investment
Objective Logistics Inc A retail/restaurant-focused software company. N/A Initial investment
One Jackson Clothing N/A Initial investment
Optimus Ride Inc MIT spinoff company developping self-driving technologies. Seed Initial investment led the round
PLASTIQ Inc N/A Initial investment
Rentjuice Corp N/A Initial investment

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