Nutmeg Saving and Investment Ltd
1–45 Durham Street
SE11 5JH
United Kingdom

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KANDO id: 118071

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Nutmeg Saving and Investment Limited
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Nutmeg lets you invest your money seamlessly online, all while aiming for the lowest fees in the industry.

Funding rounds


( )

Profile Country Notes
JP Morgan & Co Initial investment.

Series E GBP 45,000,000

USD 58,294,896 ( ) at GBP 200,000,000 pre-money valuation

Profile Country Notes
Goldman Sachs & Co Investment bank Led the round.

Series D GBP 12,000,000

USD 14,759,250 ( )

Profile Country Notes
Taipei Fubon Bank Led the round.
Armada Investment Group AG
Balderton Capital Management (UK) LLP European early stage venture capital firm
Nigel Wray Individual investor.
Pentech Ventures LLP

Series C GBP 30,000,000

USD 37,405,559 ( )

Series B USD 32,000,000

USD 32,000,000 ( )

Profile Country
Draper Associates (Timothy Draper)
Armada Investment Group AG
Charles Dunstone Individual investor.
Daniel Curran Individual investor.
Flight Ventures The first fund that was built by leveraging AngelList syndicates.
Schroders PLC

Series A GBP 3,400,000

USD 5,290,546 ( )

Profile Country Notes
Armada Investment Group AG Led the round.
Pentech Ventures LLP Led the round.
Bart Swanson Individual investor.
Draper Associates (Timothy Draper)

Investment activity status
Active investor

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