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Real time payments will continue as the predominant trend of payments and funds transfer. Government through CODI will push the use of QR as a payments media through the use of mobile devices trying to include traditional non banging segments and to reduce the use of cash. Reduction of commissions and fees for different financial services. There will be an opportunity to expand the use of QR processing alternative methods additional to CODI, example, Close loops, EMV integration with debit and credit cards and wallets. Fintechs and non traditional players like convenient stores, digital players will continue gaining market in the payments services processing. Request to pay will be an additional opportunity to expand the flexibility and efficiency of payments and collections services. Mexico is the first country in Latinamerica in issuing a fintech Regulation formalizing fintech operations, introduce digital currency in the system and will establish the Open Banking standards. Expansion of formal financial system to bigger segments of the population to reduce the dramatically that only 36.9% of people with a banking account in the second economy of Latinamerica.

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