Qualcomm Ventures
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San Diego, CA 92121
United States

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The corporate venturing arm of Qualcomm.


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Profile Country Date Funding
Bitfone Corp Software for over-the-air mobile device management N/A
BlueStacks N/A
Brain Corp Developer of a novel algorithms based on the functionality of the nervous system N/A
Buzzd A location-sensitive entertainment listings service N/A
Capillary Technologies Pvte Ltd Provider of CRM in India. Series A
Cavendish Kinetics Inc Semi-conductor process IP company. N/A
ChaCha Search Inc N/A
Clicker Media Inc N/A
Consert Inc Developer of a platform that provides smart-grid management to utilities. N/A
Digit Wireless Inc N/A
Discera Inc Developer and marketer of MEMS (micro-electrical mechanical system) based timing solutions that replace traditional quartz crystals and oscillators. N/A
Edupath A mobile social-learning company N/A
Embee Mobile A privately-held company that supplies Crowd Intelligence for Global Clients. N/A
ENOVIX Corp Manufacturer of next generation Li-Ion batteries. N/A
Enterproid Inc A software company behind Divide, a platform for securely enabling and accelerating "bring your own device" (BYOD) mobility. N/A
Fiksu Inc Series B
GTRAN Wireless Inc N/A
Handspring Developer of handheld computers N/A
InvenSense Inc N/A
ip.access Ltd Makes market-leading femtocell and picocell solutions that solve coverage and capacity problems for mobile operators. Series A
Iridigm Display Corp Producer of a revolutionary reflective displays for a variety of mobile device applications. N/A
Jamdat Publisher of wireless entertainment applications N/A
Kirusa Inc Provider of Voice SMS and Automatic Voice Mail solutions to carriers worldwide. N/A
Location Labs N/A

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Nagraj Kashyap Microsoft Ventures

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