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Venture capital fund managed by Samsung Venture Investment.

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A-Tech Solution Co Ltd Manufacturer and vendor of injection moulding and stamping die products for the exterior and interior of automobiles and consumer electrics parts. N/A
Accel Semiconductor Corp Provider of analog and mixed signal. N/A
Acodis Co Ltd N/A
AET Co Ltd Provider of all kinds of solutions in connection with FAB construction progress. N/A
AI Lab Co Ltd (Advanced Imaging Laboratory) N/A
Alpha Chips Inc Provider of ASIC/SoC front-end and back-end design and full costum lay out services. N/A
Alticast Corp Provider of multimedia home platform solutions to the interactive TV industry. N/A
Amber Precision Instruments Inc Developer of software package for fully automated ESD immunity testing. N/A
Analogix Semiconductor An innovator in high-performance analog and mixed-signal devices for digital media, particularly DisplayPort and HDMI. N/A
ANI Co Ltd Provider of optimized solution for Flat Pannel Display/Semiconductor Industry. N/A
ASP Semiconductor Co Ltd Manufacturer of LED and lighting modules. N/A
Astute Networks Inc N/A
Atrenta Inc Provider of system on chip realization solutions for the semiconductor and electronic systems industries. N/A
B&B Systems Developer of High-Tech medical and industrial equipment. N/A
BioAmber Inc Manufacturer of largest bio-based chemical facilities in the world. N/A
Carbon Design Systems Inc Software company in the electronic design solutions market. N/A
Ceracomb Co Ltd Manufacturer of ceramic honeycomb products in South Korea. N/A
ClairPixel Co Ltd Operator of in and out of Korea in automotive, security, medical, and mobile fields. N/A
Continuous Computing Provider of high availability platform solutions that enable telecom equipment manufacturers to rapidly deploy converged communications. N/A
D2S Inc N/A
DCG Systems Inc Provider of semiconductor debug and characterization solutions for the semiconductor industry. N/A
DHP Korea Co Ltd N/A
DisplayLink Corp Developer of USB graphics technology designed to connect computers and displays using USB and Wireless USB. N/A
Dongnam Marine Crane Co Ltd Manufacturer and seller of cranes for various application in South Korea and internationally. N/A
Dstrict Developer of advertising,entertainment,education and art marketing. N/A

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Bill Byun 7 Capital LLC
General Partner
Brian Kang Nautilus Venture Partners
Managing Director

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