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US Department of Energy
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Department of the United States government concerned with the United States' policies regarding energy and safety in handling nuclear material


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Profile Country Date Funding
Aquion Energy Inc N/A
Ceres Inc Plant genomics biotechnology company N/A
EdeniQ Inc N/A
EPIR Technologies Inc Develope and manufacturer of advanced infrared materials and sensors used in high-performance imaging systems by defense and commercial customers. N/A
Infinia Corp N/A
Picarro Inc N/A
Semprius Inc Developer of low cost, high performance concentrator photovoltaic modules to make solar power generation economically viable in sunny, dry climates. N/A
Strategic Polymer Sciences Inc Developer of the world's thinnest actuator. N/A
Sun Catalytix Corp Energy storage and renewable fuels technology company. Grant
Suniva Inc Manufacturer of high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic solar cells and high-power solar modules. N/A
SustainX Inc An energy storage technology developer whose solution is cost effective, low maintenance, non-toxic, and highly efficient. N/A
Virent Energy Systems Inc N/A
Viridity Energy Inc N/A
1366 Technologies Inc Grant USD 3,000,000 (USD 3,000,000)
24m Technologies Inc Developer of innovative semisolid lithium-ion batteries. Series A
A123 Systems Inc Developer of Lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems. N/A
Akermin Inc (A biocatalyst development company which develops and commercializes polymer technology.) N/A
Fisker Automotive Inc Manufacturer of electric vehicles. Debt
Innovalight Inc Developers of nano-materials, silicon ink based printed solar cells Venture
Nanosolar Inc Printed thin-film photovoltaics. Grant USD 20,000,000 (USD 20,000,000)
Nanosys Inc Nanotechnology-enabled systems Grant
Primus Power Corp Grid-scale energy storage company. Grant Initial investment
Redwood Materials Inc Battery recycling company. Debt Initial investment USD 2,000,000,000 (USD 2,000,000,000)
SEEO Inc Developer of high-energy rechargeable lithium-ion batteries based on a nanostructured polymer electrolyte. Grant
SolarBridge Technologies Inc Grant USD 1,750,000 (USD 1,750,000)


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Jigar Shah
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