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Boost VC Fund 3 LP Venture 2016

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0x (ZRX) Blockchain protocol for trading tokens. N/A
Amun The world’s first listed crypto index product. N/A
Aragon (ANT) Enabling the building decentralized autonomous organisations (DAO) on open-source infrastructure with governance plugins. N/A
Atlas Empowering people to bank each other. N/A
Atomic Fund N/A
Bitcoin (BTC) Decentralised digital currency. N/A
Bitrefill N/A
Bitwall N/A
Blinktrade Inc Cryptocurrency exchange In Latin America. N/A
BlockCypher Blockchain web services. N/A
Blossom Halal micro-financing. N/A
Casa Provider of Bitcoin self-custody solutions. Seed Initial investment
Clevercoin Dutch Bitcoin Exchange. N/A
Cobalt Crowdsourced penetration (pen) testing for modern SaaS businesses. N/A
Coinbase Inc Crypto brokerage and exchange based in the US. N/A
Coinhako Buy and sell digital assets in Singapore and Malaysia. N/A
CoinJar The simplest way to send, receive and store cryptocurrency. N/A
Coinut (Coin Ultimate Trading) Cryptocurrency exchange. N/A
coMind Collaborative machine learning. N/A
Darkwinds Blockchain trading card. N/A
Decentraland (MANA) "The first decentralized metaverse that is built, governed, and owned by its users." N/A
Deconet Decentralizing the knowledge economy, starting with developers. N/A
district0x (DNT) N/A
Ethereum (ETH), (Ξ) N/A
Etherscan Ethereum Block Explorer. N/A
FIC Network Blockchain-powered web platform for the entire bond lifecycle. N/A
Filecoin (FIL) Decentralized storage network that runs a cloud data storage market on the blockchain. N/A
Gun (Gun Database) N/A
Kubos Flight and mission control software for satellites. N/A
Ledger SAS Maker of hardware cryptocurrency wallets. N/A
Plutus Financial Inc (Abra) Bitcoin-based digital wallet app primary focused on foreign exchange. N/A
Poker VR Multiplayer poker in virtual reality. N/A
Polychain Capital LLC Hedge fund investing in cryptocurrencies. N/A
Ripio Digital wallet that provides a simple way to send and receive money, buy and sell bitcoins, and pay in installments without credit card. Series A
Sentinel Protocol N/A
SFOX Inc Institutional prime dealer for crypto assets. Seed
Streamloots On a mision to become the platform where all content creators engage and monetize from their audience. N/A
Supermedium Vrtual reality browser. N/A
TheWaveVR The interstellar music festival of the future. N/A
Vantage Point Sexual harassment training in virtual reality. N/A
Venn Bio Epiproteomics & deep learning for cancer diagnostics and drug discovery. N/A
Volley Voice-controlled games for Alexa and Google Home. N/A
Wyre Payments Inc (Wyre) Enterprise money transfer platform. N/A
Bitquick N/A Exited
Favor Order anything from restaurants and stores near you. N/A Exited

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