Country Profile Funding round Value Date
Epic Games Private Equity USD 2,000,000,000
Summoners Arena Innovative idle-RPG game built on Binance Smart Chain. N/A USD 3,000,000
Candy Cash! Game inspired in the globally successful “Candy Crush Saga”. N/A USD 1,855,000
Your Open Metaverse Open metaverse combining Unreal Engine and the Solana Blockchain through their specially developed SDK. N/A
Wizardia Private Round USD 4,500,000
Everyrealm Inc Investment and innovation company across the global metaverse & NFT ecosystem. Series A USD 60,000,000
Chain of Alliance On-chain role playing (RPG) gaming multiverse built on Chromia. Private Round USD 2,400,000
Legends of Elumia Play to earn massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Private Round USD 4,500,000
Bullieverse Fantasy metaverse Island where you can play games, create experiences and earn rewards. N/A USD 4,000,000
Mecha Morphing Next-generation violence aesthetic combat strategy game. Seed USD 900,000


Zynga Inc US 2
Microsoft Corp US 1


Social games company

Economic technology for video games.

Investment and innovation company across the global metaverse & NFT ecosystem.

Gaming and eSports company.

Gaming startup spun out of Google and backed by Nintendo.

Platform that supports cross platform accounts, game loop, matchmaking, player data, metrics, and more.

In-game Items monetization technology and service.

Interactive and decentralized metaverse game ecosystem.

OP Games allows developers to turn entire games into fractionalized NFTs.

Mobile play to earn game.

Provider of software for game streamers.

Play to earn (P2E) gaming platform.