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DCI Group
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Blockchain focused investmennt entity.

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Paragen (RGEN) Chain agnostic launchpad and incubator native to the BSC network. N/A Initial investment
Candy Cash! (CANDY) Game inspired in the globally successful “Candy Crush Saga”. N/A Initial investment
Wizardia (WZRD) Combination of thrilling gameplay, enchanting lore, and playable NFTs for a play-to-earn crypto experience. Private Round Initial investment led the round
Metarun (MRUN) First play to earn (P2E) endless mobile runner game with NFT assets. Private Round Initial investment
Metafighter (FIGHT), (MF) Private Round Initial investment
Arenum (ARN) Metaverse platform for mobile gaming tournaments. N/A Initial investment
Colizeum (ZEUM) Out of the box dApps for game developers to build blockchain play-to-earn games and endless amounts of games for players to earn from. N/A Initial investment
Kyberdyne (KBD) N/A Initial investment
Sharkrace Club (SHRK) NFT Sharks with play2earn game. N/A Initial investment
Nest Arcade (NESTA) P2E x NFT Games all In one mobile app powered by Solana. Private Round Initial investment
Sandwich Network ($SANDWICH) Complete and user-friendly decentralized hub for new crypto projects. Private Round Initial investment
Diabolo (DCASH) N/A Initial investment
Kingdom Karnage (KKT) Cross-platform virtual trading card game available to play on PC and Android. Private Round Initial investment
Nosana (NOS) Provider of decentralized CPU-based Dev(Ops) solutions. Private Round Initial investment
Affyn (FYN) Mobile play to earn game. N/A Initial investment
Metavisa (MESA) Layer 3 middleware protocol which aims to be the decentralized Identity and credit system in metaverse. N/A Initial investment
Harmony Launcher N/A Initial investment
SEOR (SEOR) N/A Initial investment
Infinite Launch (ILA) Decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital and promise safety to early stage investors. Private Round Initial investment
Arcade Network (ARC) Platform providing metaverse Interoperability. N/A Initial investment
CoreStarter (CSTR) Multi-chain IDO Launchpad with NFT marketplace and high yield token staking platform on Solana Blockchain for high performance & low transaction fees. N/A Initial investment
MeMusic Blockchain-based platform to provide an inclusive ecosystem through a multitude of services. N/A Initial investment
Project SEED Venture Initial investment
BlockBank (BBANK) One-stop solution that combines the power of decentralized and centralized technology in a simple and secure mobile application. Private Round Initial investment
PlaceWar Governance Token (PLACE) Gamified Internet culture metaverse, play-to-earn (P2E) social gamefi strategic artillery game ecosystem. Private Round Initial investment

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