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Lucaz Lee (founder)

ucaz has nine years’ experience leading international teams and expanding merchant partnerships in the lifestyle industry. He was in the core leadership team that helped a travel and lifestyle company launch and penetrate the Asian market, where it went from US$91m to US$926.6m in annual revenue within 4 years. Lucaz left the company in early 2018 during its prime to help launch and lead a predictive genomics startup, bringing personal genetics to consumers worldwide. The company went from zero to USD$20m revenue in under 2 years before its successful acquisition by a NASDAQ-listed company. Lucaz was exposed to blockchain and crypto in 2016, and the following year he went neck deep and has been actively involved in the space ever since.

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Dennis Wan

Known for his nearly two decades of experience in games for consoles and mobile platforms, Dennis is a veteran senior producer and blockchain advocate. He has worked at Konami, Bushiroad and Gumi, where he spearheaded the development of games collaboratively with Nintendo, Square-Enix and Disney. His key portfolio includes Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Big Hero 6: Bot Fight and Vanguard ZERO.


List of the current and past investors into Affyn with their respective financial instruments.

Profile Country Round
Brotherhood Ventures N/A
BullishBlock Capital N/A
Dutch Crypto Investors (DCI Group) Blockchain focused investmennt entity. Netherlands N/A
Kommunitas Capital N/A
Red Hat Capital Incubator and accelerator in blockchain that gives impetus to high–quality projects for their long-term development. N/A
ThinkSmart Brother Capital N/A
Three Lions Capital N/A