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Candy Cash! (CANDY) Game inspired in the globally successful “Candy Crush Saga”. N/A Initial investment
Lunaverse (LUV) NFT buildings x DeFi protocols x Metaverse x Play2Earn. N/A Initial investment
Pax World (PAXW) Open metaverse for evolution of communication and commerce. N/A Initial investment
Gamium (GMM) Web3 focused technology company, transforming the way of digital interaction. Seed Initial investment
Your (YOUR) "The wikipedia of product content". N/A Initial investment
Metan Evolutions N/A Initial investment
Chain of Alliance On-chain role playing (RPG) gaming multiverse built on Chromia. Private Round Initial investment
Colexion (CLXN) Elite and curated digital marketplace for premium NFTs. Private Round Initial investment
Metarun (MRUN) First play to earn (P2E) endless mobile runner game with NFT assets. Private Round Initial investment
Corite (CO) Blockchain platform where artists get funding, distribution and marketing support from backers and share their revenues when music is streamed. Private Round Initial investment
Mecha Morphing Next-generation violence aesthetic combat strategy game. Seed Initial investment
Arenum (ARN) Metaverse platform for mobile gaming tournaments. N/A Initial investment
Colizeum (ZEUM) Out of the box dApps for game developers to build blockchain play-to-earn games and endless amounts of games for players to earn from. N/A Initial investment led the round
Fantom Maker (FAME) Private Round Initial investment
Plato Farm (MARK) Blockchain game that supports HRC721, HRC1155 and ERC1155 protocols. N/A Initial investment
GemUni (GENI) Decentralized universe of casual games. N/A Initial investment
Forward (FORWARD) WordPress for Web 3.0. N/A Initial investment
Solice (SLC) Cross platform virtual reality metaverse on the Solana blockchain. Private Round Initial investment
Harmony Launcher N/A Initial investment
Heroes of NFT (HON) Metaverse gaming environment where players can create their Metasphere. Private Round Initial investment
Happy Land (HPL) Play to earn and farm to earn metaverse game. N/A Initial investment
Islander (ISA) Marketing and learn-to-earn platform. Private Round Initial investment
Uponly (UPO) Play to earn gaming analytics and prediction platform. N/A Initial investment
Infinite Launch (ILA) Decentralized multi-chain fundraising platform enabling projects to raise capital and promise safety to early stage investors. Private Round Initial investment
Zone (ZONE) Gamefi ecosystem on Algorand that combines on-chain gaming challenges, yield farming and NFTs to create a free-to-play and play-to-earn ecosystem. Private Round Initial investment

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