Country Profile Funding round Value Date
Poly Generating design assets in seconds. Seed USD 4,000,000
SilkChart AI-powered sales coach. Seed USD 5,200,000


AI-powered sales coach.

Generating design assets in seconds.

Copilot for Insurance brokers.

Modern enterprise software for sales leaders.

Seamless & secure pay-by-bank platform, built for B2C.

Debug anything from click to DB with logs, metrics, APM, and replays.

The modern Firebase

Automate your mobile app releases without the hassle.

Machine learning marketing Infrastructure.

High quality mRNA for therapeutic application.

India's telemedicine platform and online pharmacy for dermatology care.

Selling online job training to the government.

B2B SaaS for insurance damage repair contractors.

Cross-border banking for Latinos in USA.

Unleashing data for immune-mediated drug discovery and clinical biomarker discovery.

API first electronic health record (EHR) that is open source.

Redefining the standard of care for iron deficiency.