Featured recent deals

Farcaster - N/A

Decentralised social media protocol.
USD 150,000,000 (USD 150,000,000)

social media,

Teal Platforms Inc - Seed

Embedded accounting infrastructure startup for vertical SaaS businesses.
USD 8,000,000 (USD 8,000,000)

Neros Inc - Seed

Developer of autonomous military drones. (United States)
USD 10,900,000 (USD 10,900,000)

drones - UAVs,
defence technologies

Bedrock Materials - N/A

Maker of sodium-ion battery materials. (United States)
USD 9,000,000 (USD 9,000,000)

battery materials,
sodium-ion batteries

Codesphere Inc - Series A

IDE and DevOps combined (platform for customising existing cloud services). (United States)
USD 18,000,000 (USD 18,000,000)

cloud computing,
cloud infrastructure

Vercel Inc - Series E

Front-end cloud development platform. (United States)
USD 250,000,000 (USD 250,000,000)

LanceDB Systems Inc - Seed

Vector database designed to support multimodal AI models that handle text, images, and videos.
USD 8,000,000 (USD 8,000,000)

vector databases,
AI applications

Grasp Research AB - N/A

Artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for I-banks and management consultants. (Sweden)
EUR 1,900,000

Polymarket - Series B

Global information markets platform. (United States)
USD 45,000,000 (USD 45,000,000)

risk management,
prediction markets

Arch Labs - Seed

Bitcoin-native application platform.
USD 7,000,000 (USD 7,000,000)

application platform