Featured recent deals

Bluesheets - Series A

Automated financial data delivery. (Singapore)
USD 6,500,000 (USD 6,500,000)

financial data

OpenDialog AI Ltd - Series A

Developer of conversational AI chatbots for regulated industries. (United Kingdom)
USD 8,000,000 (USD 8,000,000)

artificial intelligence,
AI chatbots

ElevenLabs - Series B

AI voice synthesis platform. (United States)
USD 80,000,000 (USD 80,000,000)

voice synthesis,
artificial intelligence

Tandem - Seed

Money management app for couples. (United States)
USD 3,700,000 (USD 3,700,000)

Briq - Series B

Provider of financial workflow automation for construction companies. (United States)
USD 8,000,000 (USD 8,000,000)

Myrealtrip - Series F

Online travel platform. (South Korea)
KRW 75,600,000,000 (USD 56,700,000)


Woo X - N/A

Cryptocurrency exchange. (Taiwan)
USD 9,000,000 (USD 9,000,000)

cryptocurrency exchange

Upswing Financial Technologies Pvt Ltd - Seed

Financial services platform. (India)
USD 4,200,000 (USD 4,200,000)

Obelisk Studio - N/A

Gaming studio. (Cyprus)
USD 2,000,000 (USD 2,000,000)

gaming studio,

Depasify SL - N/A

Passive digital asset investing. (Spain)
EUR 2,000,000

digital assets,