Mr Nick Habgood

KANDO id: 32537


Worked for Twiflex Ltd, a leading manufacturer of industrial disc brakes, in a product management / business development role. Spent 6 years with Mars Electronics International -the world leading manufacturer of coin and bank note payment systems. Lived and worked in Italy for a number of years and established MEI’s sales and support presence in Italy and Spain before moving back to the UK to become the Director of Marketing and Product Management. Between 1996 and 2000, was the Chief Executive of MAOSCO Ltd - a company and industry consortium formed by Mr Habgood and backed by MasterCard and a group of leading banks to promote and license the MULTOS smart card operating system. Joined LMS Capital (venture capital division of London Merchant Securities plc) in 2000 where, with Michael Bennett, he built and managed a £120 million portfolio of technology venture assets. Board positions included Asset House, Coppereye, Elateral, Vio, Wesupply and Crown Sports. Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEng) from the University of Bristol.