Acorns Grow Inc
19900 Macarthur Blvd
Suite 400
Irvine, CA 92612
United States

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Acorns Grow Inc
4600 Campus Drive
Suite 107
Newport Beach, CA 92660
United States

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KANDO id: 439586

Corporate information

Official name
Acorns Grow Inc
Registration country

Official identities

US CIK 0001577315

Company type

Provider of a robo advisory service that allows individuals to round up their purchases and automatically invest the change.

Funding rounds

Profile Country
Rakuten FinTech Fund

Profile Country Notes
Point72 Ventures LLC Early-stage venture capital strategy funded exclusively by Steve Cohen and eligible employees of Point72 Asset Management. Initial investment.

Profile Country Notes
Inside Capital LLC Initial investment.

Investment activity status
Active investor

Current team