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Point72 Ventures, LLC
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Early-stage venture capital strategy funded exclusively by Steve Cohen and eligible employees of Point72 Asset Management.


Point72 Ventures is a global venture capital firm led by a diverse set of domain experts with the capital to lead rounds through all stages of a company's growth. The firm invests primarily in Fintech, AI/ML, Enterprise and Healthcare technologies. As an independent arm of Point72, the global asset management firm led by Steven A. Cohen, Point72 Ventures offers well-informed insights into the global economy. Point72 Ventures has offices in New York City, Palo Alto, California, and Stamford, Connecticut.

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Profile Country Date Funding
Messari Cryptocurrency analytics company that provides market intelligence for the crypto industry. Series A Initial investment led the round
Shield AI Inc Artificial intelligence platform that enables robots to see, reason about, and search the world. Series C Initial investment led the round
Extend Enterprises Inc Digital credit card sharing platform. Series A led the round
Armorblox Series A Initial investment
Extend Enterprises Inc Digital credit card sharing platform. Seed led the round
Acorns Grow Inc Provider of a robo advisory service that allows individuals to round up their purchases and automatically invest the change. N/A Initial investment
Agolo Developer of summarization software. N/A Initial investment
Alphaflow Inc Automated real estate investment service. N/A Initial investment
Anvilogic N/A Initial investment
Apprente Developer of voice-based ordering software. N/A Initial investment
Bayzat N/A Initial investment
Be Tenth Inc (First Boulevard) N/A Initial investment
BluBracket Provider of cybersecurity services designed to combat threats spanning software to multi-cloud infrastructure of all industry segments. N/A Initial investment
Brace Software Inc Modular, digital platform for the mortgage servicing industry that improves the customer experience and reduces the cost to service. N/A Initial investment
Clickswitch Holdings Inc Automated account switching system that allows financial institutions to enable new customers to move easily their direct deposits to a new account. N/A Initial investment
Cloud9 Technologies LLC Cloud-based voice collaboration and analytics platform for financial firms and institutional traders. N/A Initial investment
Contabilizei Co Provider of a fully automated cloud-based financial and tax accounting service to Brazilian SMEs. N/A Initial investment
Credijusto N/A Initial investment
Deep 6 AI N/A Initial investment
Dotalign Inc Delivery of relationship intelligence to “connect the dots” on business opportunities. N/A Initial investment
Drivewealth Holdings Inc N/A Initial investment
Fauna Inc Serverless cloud database that offers fast global access to data via modern APIs like GraphQL without sacrificing data consistency. N/A Initial investment
Fin Technologies Inc (MANTL) N/A Initial investment
Flare HR Pty Ltd N/A Initial investment
Flybits Inc N/A Initial investment

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Adam Carson
Operating Partner
San Francisco

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