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Profile Country Date Funding
42Floors Inc Office space search engine. Series A
42Floors Inc Office space search engine. Seed Initial investment
9GAG Inc Make the world happier. Seed Initial investment
Airtable Flexible collaboration and workflow cloud platform. N/A N/A
Astranis Space Technologies Corp Small, low-cost telecommunications satellites to help bring the 4 billion people online who are without internet. N/A
Baobab Studios N/A
Binti Inc N/A
Blink Health LLC A startup that aims to make generic drugs cheaper through price transparency and a slick smartphone app. N/A
Boulevard Labs Inc Provider of management software platform for premium spas and salons. Series A Initial investment
Bubble Group Inc (Bubble) N/A
Casetext Inc N/A
Clubhouse Software Inc Seed
Cobalt Robotics Inc Builder of indoor robots for security. N/A
Cricket Health Inc N/A
Dataminr Inc Artificial intelligence platform for real-time event and risk detection. N/A
Flexport Inc Platform for global logistics. N/A Initial investment
Geltor Startup using biology to produce food ingredients in a safe, sustainable way, starting with gelatin. N/A
Glossier N/A
IFTTT Inc Put the internet to work for you. N/A
Matterport Inc 3D scanning, capturing and digitizing physical spaces and interiors of buildings and homes. N/A
Memphis Meats Inc Developer of a technology to grow real meat without the animals to produce a tastier, healthier, more sustainable, and more humane meat. N/A
Modern Fertility N/A
Muze Collective (Muze LLC) Social media platform intended to create and share visual content. N/A
Nomi Technologies Inc Seed

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