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KANDO id: 1051899

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API “super-connector”


Okra creates a secure portal and process to exchange real-time financial information between customers, applications and banks. Its business model provides integrations to developers and businesses into existing banking services and takes commissions off subsequent transactions. These integrations include accounts authorization, balance, identity, income, payments and transactions. Per partners (developers and businesses), they are well over 100 with some big names like Access Bank, Aella, Interswitch and uLesson.

Funding rounds

Seed USD 3,500,000

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Profile Country Notes
Susa Ventures Early stage technology venture capital firm. Initial investment. Led the round.
Accenture Ventures Initial investment.
TLcom Capital LLP Follow-on investment.

Pre Seed USD 1,000,000

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Profile Country Notes
TLcom Capital LLP Initial investment. Led the round.

Investment activity status
Active investor

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