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KANDO id: 1051671

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Cybersecurity workflow platform.


Cybersecurity is hard. Attacks are non-stop and threat vectors change constantly. As a result, some companies may not know where to begin while others employ a robust set of tools, policies, and routine assessments to try to stay on top of it all.

PlexTrac is a revolutionary, yet simple, Cybersecurity platform that centralizes all security assessments, penetration test reports, bug bounty submissions, audit findings and vulnerabilities into a single location. PlexTrac improves the entire security engagement lifecycle by making it easy to generate security reports, deliver them securely, and track the issues to completion straight from the platform. No more dealing with large Word or PDF documents. No more tracking metrics across multiple spreadsheets.

PlexTrac is perfect for consultants and businesses alike. For consultants, PlexTrac was written to simplify and speed up your report writing process. You can show off your hard work in a clean and professional way and collaborate with clients directly through the platform. Also, create and deliver assessments straight through the platform.

For businesses, you can centralize all of your security assessments and audit reports in a single platform for easy assignment and tracking. No more copy and paste from multiple tools, documents, and spreadsheets. Gain a historical view of your progress over time and focus on your overall security program from a single pane of glass. PlexTrac is the new standard in security reporting and program management

Funding rounds

Series A USD 10,000,000

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Profile Country Notes
Madrona Venture Group LLC Initial investment. Led the round.
Noro-Moseley Partners (NMP) Initial investment. Led the round.
StageDotO Follow-on investment.

Seed USD 1,000,000

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Profile Country Notes
StageDotO Initial investment. Led the round.

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