Union Square Ventures LLC
915 Broadway
Suite 1408
New York, NY 10010
United States

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Profile Country Date Funding
Brewster personalized address book N/A
Bug Labs N/A
Covestor Ltd Provides a platform that lets you mirror the transactions of talented investors in your own brokerage account. Series A
Delicious Seed
DuckDuckGo N/A
Duolingo Inc Series A
Dwolla Inc Payment processor Series B
Edmodo Series C
Excelerate Labs An intensive summer accelerator for startups driven by proven entrepreneurs and investors. N/A
FeedBurner Inc Feed management company. N/A
GetGlue Series C
GetGlue Series D
Indeed Search engine for jobs. N/A
InfoNgen A real-time Discovery Engine for business, finance and information professionals. N/A
Kickstarter Inc N/A
Meetup Network of local groups Series D
Oddcast Develops and distributes customized video and avatar-based marketing products for enterprise clients. Series D
Pinch Media Seed
Pollenware N/A
Simulmedia Inc A media marketing company dedicated to improving the effectiveness of program promotion on television. Series A