Most active seed investors in the KANDO database ranked by the number of deals they have participated in.
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Country Profile Deals
Partech International SA (Partech International Ventures), (Partech Ventures) France 6
SparkLabs Global Ventures United States 6
Transmedia Capital LLC (TMC), (Transmedia Ventures) United States Early stage venture capital fund. 6
Union Square Ventures LLC United States Early stage venture capital firm 6 Eswatini 5
Alfred Lin Individual investor. 5
Amadeus Capital Partners Ltd United Kingdom Private equity investor in growing technology enterprises 5
Amplify LA (Amplify.LA) United States Los Angeles-based accelerator and seed-stage venture capital firm. 5
Amplify Partners United States 5
AngelPad United States 5
ANIMO Ventures United States 5
Ariel Poler Individual investor. 5
Ashton Kutcher United States Individual investor. 5
Balderton Capital Management (UK) LLP United Kingdom European early stage venture capital firm 5
CincyTech USA United States Public-private seed-stage investor with a focus on high potential technology companies in Southwest Ohio. 5
Connect Ventures 5
Eileen Burbidge Individual investor. 5
Enterprise Ireland Ireland 5
Errol Damelin Individual investor. 5
FundersClub Inc (Funders Club) United States 5