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Platform that supports cross platform accounts, game loop, matchmaking, player data, metrics, and more.


After working for over a decade on some of the world’s largest games, we set out to create our own game. We quickly realized that creating an online social game took a lot of time, even for the most experienced teams, and the barriers were far too great. The result is that some games are dead on arrival because they have trouble scaling and fail to build a robust live services pipeline. Some games never even attempt to create a multiplayer experience, while other games end up overspending because of the complexity not only of creating a compelling game, but also building a scalable platform from scratch at the same time. We’ve all been playing games our whole lives, and we realize that the two most impactful things about games are the stories that are told and the community that is built around the most enduring games. We hope to one day unlock millions of new great stories that we can enjoy with our friends.

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N/A USD 22,000,000

USD 22,000,000 ( )

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Insight Venture Partners (Insight Partners) Private equity and venture capital firm focused on the global software, internet and data services industries. Initial investment. Led the round.
Advancit Capital LLC Initial investment.
Upfront Ventures Management LLC (Upfront Ventures) Initial investment.
Greylock Partners Venture capital firm. Follow-on investment.

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