Most active Series A investors in the KANDO database ranked by the number of deals they have participated in.
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Country Profile Deals
Danhua Ventures (DHVC), (Digital Horizon Capital) United States Venture capital firm that invests in early stage and growth stage technology startups. 10
Esther Dyson United States Individual investor. 10
Ignition Partners LLC United States Venture-capital firm founded by former employees of Microsoft and McCaw Cellular. 10
Northern Light Venture Capital Ltd (NLVC), (北极光创投) China China-focused venture capital firm targeting early and early growth stage TMT, advanced technology and healthcare opportunities. 10
Novartis Venture Funds Switzerland The corporate venturing arm of Novartis. 10
O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV) United States Seed stage venture capital firm 10
Omidyar Network United States Philanthropic investment firm founded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar and wife Pam 10
Sutter Hill Ventures LP United States Private equity firm based in Palo Alto, Clifornia. 10
Atomico Ventures United Kingdom 9
Austin Ventures United States Private equity firm focused on VC and growth investments in business services, supply chain, financial services, new media, Internet, info services. 9
Chris Sacca United States Individual investor. 9
Crosslink Capital Inc United States Venture capital firm with an asset management business that continues into the public equity market for fast-growing companies. 9
Goldman Sachs & Co United States Investment bank 9
Harrison Metal Capital United States 9
Intersouth Partners United States Venture capital firm based in Durham, North Carolina. 9
Lerer Media Ventures LP (Lerer Ventures) United States Seed stage venture capital fund. 9
LocalGlobe UK-based venture capital firm that focuses on seed investments. 9
Mitchell Kapor (Mitch Kapor) United States Individual investor. 9
Nexus Venture Partners United States Early-stage venture capital firm. 9
OVP Venture Partners (Olympic Venture Partners) United States 9