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Alvin (founder)

"Master degree in Finance from the University of Maryland. He has worked as an analyst for well-known Internet companies such as Microsoft and Google. He has professional comprehensive analysis capabilities for data, 3 years of blockchain industry experience, participated in the early development and design of blockchain products including exchanges, DEX, and NFT trading platforms."

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Tim (founder)

"Master degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Former Google senior engineer, with 8 years of technical research and development experience, Microsoft certified System Engineer (MCSE). Senior Ethereum enthusiasts, independently participated in the development of a number of Ethereum community projects, and made outstanding contributions to the fields of encryption algorithms, sharding technology, main chain expansion, wallet security, etc., and at the same time, he has rich experience in the design of the bottom of the chain and development of smart contracts." 

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Sandra Meng

"Graduated from York University-Schulich School of Business, 5 years of marketing and financial work experience, with strong data analysis capabilities in statistics and -finance. Founded Bang Bang Motion, participated in many internationally renowned fashion shows, and consolidated partnerships with different institutions and brands. As a Bitcoin holder, she also participated in Silicon Valley entrepreneurial projects as an individual investor."