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Dress Show is a brainchild of a group of industry leaders from the blockchain and Internet fields. It is a pan-entertainment social meta-universe chain game platform based on the Polygon blockchain. It uses the traditional two-dimensional dress-up game as an entry point and combines NFT in an encrypted meta-world. The built in innovative De-Fi mechanism makes Dress Show a fair, friendly, and sustainable gaming platform. In the game, Dress Show provides more than 100 mystery boxes with clothing matching for various users. Users can randomly obtain various avatars, clothes, and scene decorations by opening mystery boxes of different levels. When users receive decorations, they can choose their costumes to dress up their virtual characters. More than 100 kinds of diversified costumes will allow users to create countless "wear and match" possibilities, reflecting the value of NFT. When a player creates a character effect, it may appear quite ordinary, but it will be anything-but-ordinary when all 100-character effects created by 10,000 players are displayed. In these character effects, the works of outstanding players will emerge. Additionally, while getting rewards, players can also cast costumes into NFTs for trading.

Dress Show provides a display platform for all players. When users create character effects and participate in ShowTime activities, the system will display the charm value of the current character effects according to a specific algorithm and rank them. The top ten players can receive DS token rewards. In addition, players can also become NFT miners through collateralized dressing; they can participate in mining to obtain the Dress Show ecosystem token - DS - and eventually sell them through the secondary market for income. They can also use DS to buy more "dresses" to improve their income efficiency. Users' NFTs can be traded with each other directly as well. In many cases Dress Show users would use DS tokens to purchase mystery boxes (aka treasure chests). In that case, the platform will permanently destroy 5% of the sales of DS tokens, which will promote the continued deflation of the token, the continuous income of players, as well as the collection of NFTs, all of which can encourage the high-speed flow and liquidity of DS on the market. User therefore can potentially build a completely recyclable tokenomics system.

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