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Manufacturer and developer of high energy and high capacity lithium-ion batteries

Venture capital firm providing seed and early stage capital, with a special expertise in co-founding and building technology firms from startup

A corporate venture capital company of the BASF Group

The corporate venture capital company of the BASF Group

Developer of technologies for analysis of large biological molecules.

Provider of LED technology for the solid-stage lighting market

Developer of transparent conductive inks and films.

(Cambrios Advanced Materials)
Developer of proprietary nanostructured electronic materials for the display industry

Venture capital firm with a focus on technologies that drive the new energy economy

(CMEA Ventures), (Chemical and Materials Enterprise Associates)

Maker of multi-wall carbon nanotubes.

Developer of primary and rechargeable batteries enabled by nanotechnology.

Developer of molecular detection and imaging instruments

Functionalisation of graphene with fluorine atoms as a high value filler for novel materials.

Internally managed venture capital company specializing in nanotechnology and microsystems

Developers of nano-materials, silicon ink based printed solar cells

Venture capital fund focused on Russian nanotechnology companies

Global investment management firm that trades and invests in public and private domestic and international bonds and equities

A holding company with an emphasis on micro and nanotechnology

Provider of super-high-resolution contact lithography systems to the nano-technology industry

Maker of core process technology for the manufacture of nanostructured materials for optical, electronic and energy applications

Nanosight develops, manufactures and supplies a unique family of instruments for the visualisation and sizing of nanoparticles.

Printed thin-film photovoltaics.

Venture capital firm investing in nanotechnology

Venture capital fund investing in young, up-and-coming nanotechnology companies based in Singapore

Designer of advanced nano-materials for various cleantech applications

Nanotechnology-enabled systems

High density non-volatile random access memory chips using carbon nanotubes (NRAMTM)

Developer and vertically integrated manufacturer of photonic integrated circuit based components, modules and subsystems for use in telecommunications

Clinical stage biopharmaceutical company creating novel vaccines to address a broad range of infectious diseases worldwide

Manufacturer of single walled carbon nanotubes and additives based on them.

Developing the GridION system, a new generation of technology that uses nanopores - very small holes created in electrically resistant membranes.

Maker of advanced materials for products used in solid state lighting, display and optical coatings and films applications.

Multistage venture capital investors with focus Technology, Healthcare and Consumer

Maker of robotic systems for the fabrication of nano material-based wound dressings at the point-of-care

Privately-held specialty chemical company that manufactures high quality single-wall and specialty multiwall carbon nanotubes

Solar photovoltaics company developing high-efficiency thin-film modules.

Developer of a carbon nanotube growth process