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Venture capital fund, backed by Juniper Networks, that invests in leading early-stage and growth technology companies that expand the Junos ecosystem

(KP Ventures)
The corporate venture capital arm of Kaiser Permanente

(Presidio Ventures)
The venture arm of the global trading and operating firm Sumitomo Corp

The corporate venturing arm of Qualcomm.

The corporate venture capital arm of Rakuten.

(Research Corporation Technologies BioVentures)
The vehicle through which Research Corporation Technologies invests in start-up or early-stage companies

Venture capital fund affiliated with Michigan State University.

The corporate venture capital fund for Reed Elsevier

Westpac backed independent corporate venture capital fund.

Early stage investment vehicle active in the transportation and mobility sector.

The corporate venture company of the Robert Bosch GmbH.

The corporate venture capital arm of Royal Dutch Shell PLC.

The corporate venture organisation for Siemens AG

Venture-capital style investment fund established in partnership with Accel, Index Ventures, KPCB, Social Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and Spark Capit

The venture capital investment arm of Norwegian energy company Statoil.

The venture capital unit of The Walt Disney Company.

Early-stage IT investor with operations in Japan and the US.

The corporate venturing arm of YCH Group.

The venture capital arm of Swisscom.

The corporate venturing arm of Telefónica SA, the largest telecom operator in the Spanish speaking world

The corporate venturing arm of Telefonica.

A Tencent startup accelerator.