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Bullperks (BVI) Corp.
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Platform for retail buyers to get access to private sale allocations to the most sought after crypto projects.

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Panda Capital Research and community driven venture capital firm focusing on investments in infrastructure, middleware, DeFi and other Web 3.0 applications. Initial investment.

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Arcade Network (ARC) Platform providing metaverse Interoperability. N/A Initial investment
Chimeras (CHIM) Play-to-earn metaverse that is free-to-play and allows the players to earn on the content they generate in-game and the feats they accomplish. Seed Initial investment
Gaia Everworld (GAIA) Immersive, multi-region fantasy world in which players build their kingdoms, explore the lands, collect, breed and battle their Gaia Legionnaires. Private Round Initial investment
Legends of Elumia (ELU) Play to earn massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Private Round Initial investment
Metafighter (FIGHT), (MF) Private Round Initial investment
MetaGear (GEAR) NFT and metaverse-based pixel combat game. Private Round Initial investment
Sin City (SIN) Private Round Initial investment
The HUSL (HUSL) N/A Initial investment
Titan Hunters (TITA) Game project with the combination of NFT technology (earning nature) and MMORPG. Private Round Initial investment

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Current team