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Crowdcube Capital Ltd
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Investment crowdfunding platform.

Funding rounds

Venture GBP 8,500,000

USD 11,172,540 ( )

Profile Country Notes
Draper Esprit PLC Led the round.
Balderton Capital Management (UK) LLP European early stage venture capital firm

Crowdfunding - Equity GBP 6,696,160

( ) at GBP 65,000,000 pre-money valuation
Original target of GBP 5,000,000 for 9.34% of equity. 3503 investors.

Crowdfunding - Equity GBP 5,000,000

( ) at GBP 19,500,780 pre-money valuation
25.64% of equity. B Shares. 146 investors.

Crowdfunding - Equity GBP 1,500,000

( ) at GBP 6,142,857 pre-money valuation
A shares (GBP 100,000) and B shares. Original target of GBP 1,000,000 for 14% of equity. 262 investors.

Crowdfunding - Equity GBP 319,950

( ) at GBP 3,235,050 pre-money valuation
B shares.9% of equity. 163 investors.

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Current team