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French-based venture capital fund that focuses on strategic investments in early stage technology companies around the world.

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adtech (8)  
mobile (7)  
blockchain (4)  
unicorn (4)  
travel (3)  
tourism (3)  
hardware (3)  
healthcare (3)  
custody (2)  

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Profile Country Date Funding
GitGuardian Series A
LOUIS Seed led the round
Virgil SAS Seed
Simplecitizen Inc (Simple Citizen) Online GreenCard Software. Seed
PickYourSkills SAS Staffing platform to allocate the right employee to the right project. Seed led the round
Audion Seed led the round
Collectiv Food Procurement platform for restaurants. Seed
Command Line Software Ltd (Impala) Provider of Meta API for hotel PMS. Series A led the round
Skew Ltd (Skew.) Seed Initial investment
Wenabi SAS Seed Initial investment
Darewise Entertainment Seed
Uptime Series A
Cowboy SA Electric bike for urban riders. Series B
Command Line Software Ltd (Impala) Provider of Meta API for hotel PMS. Seed
Ledger SAS Maker of hardware cryptocurrency wallets. N/A
Patch Homes Inc (Noah) Seed
Ledger SAS Maker of hardware cryptocurrency wallets. Series A
Uptime Seed
Starcity Properties Inc Well-designed, comfortable communal housing in San Francisco. Seed Initial investment
DICE FM Ltd Live music discovery and mobile ticketing platform. Series A Follow-on investment
Zenchef SAS (1001 Menus) End-to-end marketing platform for restaurants. Series B Follow-on investment
Curve 1 Ltd (Curve) Over-the-top banking platform, consolidating all your cards and accounts into one smart card and even smarter app. Seed
FrontApp Inc (Front) Seed
Admedo Ltd Self-serve online advertising platform that focuses on developing performance-driven tools. Series A
TransferWise Ltd Money transfer platform. Series B Follow-on investment

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Xavier Niel (founder)

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Jeremie Berrebi (founder) Magical Capital

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