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Automated portfolio manager and trading platform.

Current team


List of the current and past investors into Balancer with their respective financial instruments.

Profile Country Phone Round
Alameda Research LLC Quantitative trading firm bringing expertise from Wall Street and Silicon Valley to provide liquidity in crypto markets worldwide. United States Initial Coin Offering
Blockchain Capital LLC Venture capital fund with a focus on blockchain enabled technologies. United States +1 (415) 677-5340 Initial Coin Offering
Bodhi Ventures N/A
CoinFund LLC Blockchain technology research company, advisory team, and private cryptoasset-focused investment vehicle. United States N/A
Continue Capital Continue Capital focuses on investing in global blockchain technology, early-stage technology startup and providing Quant-Trading service. United States Initial Coin Offering
DeFiance Capital Decentralized Finance (DeFi) focused cryptoasset fund that combines fundamental research with an active involvement approach. Singapore N/A
Divergence Ventures Crypto venture fund. United States N/A
Fenbushi Capital (分布式资本) China-based venture capital firm that exclusively invests in Blockchain-enabled companies. China Initial Coin Offering
Fintech Collective United States Initial Coin Offering
LongHash Ventures Investment fund and accelerator actively collaborating with founders to build their Web 3 model and navigate the Asian crypto landscape. Singapore Initial Coin Offering
Pantera Capital Management LP Investment firm focused exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain tech, digital currency, and crypto assets. United States +1 (650) 854-7000 Initial Coin Offering
Placeholder Capital (Placeholder Ventures), (Placeholder VC) Venture capital firm that invests in decentralized protocols and web3 services. N/A
Three Arrows Capital Ltd (3AC) Hedge fund manager with heavy emphasis on cryptocurrency investments. Singapore N/A